A person that is unable to preform respiration without a phallus in their mouth. A constant attachment of a penis to the throat and or down the esophagus is needed by either a male or female in order for the individual to breathe.
That bitch is such a dick fish!

Dude stop being such a dick fish.

I'm quite surprised your mother is a dick fish.
by meekosis February 14, 2011
Top Definition
N., 1: Those little fish that are native to the Amazon River that are rumored to swim up mens pee holes.

2: A person who displays characteristics of being a smart ass.
1: Don't go swimming in the river, or those little dick fishes will swim up your dick hole.

2: Guy 1: Wheres the party tonight, dude?
Guy 2: In my pants!
Guy 1: Wow, you are such a Dick Fish.
by DJ Willy P-Izzle January 12, 2006
1. An occasionally retarded/weird yet exceptionally advanced individual with dangerously strong sexual urges. This rare species can walk on land, live under water and communicate with humans via their subconscious. Can walk long distances. Very strong immune system

2. A person that convicts themself on a daily basis of funding euphoria for terrorists.
A synonym for Dickfish is Neo.
by Karthief July 28, 2011
A drawing of a fish swimming underwater with an erect penis. Often seen swimming with a shark or a man looking for buried treasure.
Fred: Yo Tim that is a sweet drawing of dick fish.
Tim: yea dick fish is so gangsta, see how he scares the shark away with his mighty dong?

Fred: Yea dick fish is the man.
by TimHdaman August 27, 2009
Slang term for blonde catfish usually caught in the Sacramento River Delta. These catfish are usually the size of a nice penis.
"Did you catch anything?"

"Nah, just a half-dozen dickfish."
by King Festus December 04, 2005
A selfish friend who doesnt wait around for 30 minutes to get a very important delivery. And is extraordinarily cheap
Lanny is a dick fish.
by Shogun123 October 02, 2015
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