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Dickette, the term a woman uses to refer to a man's useless small cock, baby dick or tiny dick. Often smaller than her clit.
Jill had her cuckold husband doug lower his trousers to show Jill's new boy friend Leyland his pink panties. He laughed that he had never seen a smaller panty bulge and agreed that doug's dickette must be smaller than a clit.
by Source: Jills cuckold doug June 28, 2006
a males penis that is awkwardly small in such a manner that anyone who sees it may potentially kill themselve. this person tend to talk about how large they are because they have never themself seen their penis.
i was going to have sex with him but his dickette caused a minor setback.
by chris heston December 07, 2010
Term used as an insult for a female that is acting like a dick.

Female acting as a jerk, sarcastic, or other douche bag mannerisms.
My ex girlfriend is acting like a Dickette.

That girl was acting like a Dickette at the party.
by kohnny November 01, 2010
a fuckin very small dick
yo,did u see tht boy tht stripped off last night.....girl he had a DICKETTE!
by i wanna fuk fit boyz June 13, 2003
A woman who has decided she is done with men because they are all dicks and is determined to be just like them. A female version of a total jerk who does stupid things and leads the opposite sex on without feeling or caring and simply for entertainment purposes.
Now that I have become a dickette I will get even with every man that was a total dick to women.
by empowered3339 January 14, 2016
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