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What you do when you haven't got any from your girlfriend/fiance in a long time.
Man, I am going to give Joni a mad dicken tonight.
by Jeremy M. Martin August 23, 2006
13 21
The pain that comes after you get tripped by a little kid
Kaitlens foot hurts like the dickens!
by Trent / Kaitlen September 26, 2004
4 12
slang term for a penis
may also be spelled "dickins"
niggastraightnigga: yo grrl, can i giya dat dickens!?
by drprofessaur April 28, 2010
9 25
A word used to describe the extremes of climate.
It's as hot as the Dickens!
Florida is the Dickens.
by LeRoi February 14, 2007
25 45
Used as an espression of speed.
1. He was as faster than the dickens!!
by lardfather April 04, 2007
5 26
sexual intercourse; aka "givin some dick"
girl: "Damn I had a rough day. I need a good dickens"
by MoSpeed July 10, 2004
49 84