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sexual intercourse; aka "givin some dick"
girl: "Damn I had a rough day. I need a good dickens"
by MoSpeed July 10, 2004
49 84
Euphemistic expression for the devil. Used in mild oaths.
Also spelt dickins/Dickens.
What the dickens!
Hurts like the dickens!
by Hazazel September 27, 2006
147 35
(noun) Any kind of a law enforcement officer who can levy a buzzkill. A cop, etc.

There's a dickens on your left. Turn right, mofo.
Dicken's on your left, hit it.
by Dave Schechtman September 26, 2007
70 45
abbreviation of "time-in-the-past-when-I-was-kicked-directly-in-the-dick-and-balls"; first shortened to "dick-and-balls" and then to "dick-ands," and finally to "dickens"
"That hurt like the dickens!"
by MrTheDickens November 30, 2012
18 10
When you see a animal that looks like a duck but your not sure if it is but then it also looks like a chicken so you just walk away mind fucked. And the dicken is born!!!
"bro look at that duck!"

"No dude thats a chicken!!!"
Random tourist appears
"No gentlemen according to my book of mythical creatures that is a dicken"
by RandomTourist20 April 11, 2014
0 0
To do something with speed and neccesity.
by Dr.Squintum September 24, 2009
16 16
anything bad. anything god. anything period.
You are the dickens!
I am the dickens.
That hurt like the dickens.
This pizza is the dickens.
by DJ555 May 21, 2011
20 22
A picture of a penis in erect transformed to look like a chicken squaking at the sun
I own a dicken farm
by bobthepubefarmer February 19, 2011
3 7