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A word used to describe the extremes of climate.
It's as hot as the Dickens!
Florida is the Dickens.
by LeRoi February 14, 2007
25 45
Euphemistic expression for the devil. Used in mild oaths.
Also spelt dickins/Dickens.
What the dickens!
Hurts like the dickens!
by Hazazel September 27, 2006
149 36
(noun) Any kind of a law enforcement officer who can levy a buzzkill. A cop, etc.

There's a dickens on your left. Turn right, mofo.
Dicken's on your left, hit it.
by Dave Schechtman September 26, 2007
71 47
abbreviation of "time-in-the-past-when-I-was-kicked-directly-in-the-dick-and-balls"; first shortened to "dick-and-balls" and then to "dick-ands," and finally to "dickens"
"That hurt like the dickens!"
by MrTheDickens November 30, 2012
20 13
When you see a animal that looks like a duck but your not sure if it is but then it also looks like a chicken so you just walk away mind fucked. And the dicken is born!!!
"bro look at that duck!"

"No dude thats a chicken!!!"
Random tourist appears
"No gentlemen according to my book of mythical creatures that is a dicken"
by RandomTourist20 April 11, 2014
2 2
anything bad. anything god. anything period.
You are the dickens!
I am the dickens.
That hurt like the dickens.
This pizza is the dickens.
by DJ555 May 21, 2011
22 22
To do something with speed and neccesity.
by Dr.Squintum September 24, 2009
17 17
A picture of a penis in erect transformed to look like a chicken squaking at the sun
I own a dicken farm
by bobthepubefarmer February 19, 2011
4 7