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When you stretch and wrap your ball-sack all the way to the tip of your schlong, hence giving the appearance of a hot dog bun... Typically meant for well-endowed individuals
I fed my girlfreind some dickdog last nite, my balls feel sore now
by Colorao October 16, 2006
49 11
To take your testicals by the base, and pulling them up and around the shaft of your erect penis and inserting them both into one's mouth simulating feeding somone a hot dog.
Jordan was bored with conventional blow jobs so he fed that dumb bitch the dick dog.
by jody on the home front October 15, 2007
51 20
where the penis enters a womans vagina and leaves her mouth then entering another woman.
last night me and shela got dickdoged
by hickhickhickdickvag February 05, 2011
5 4
smug heterosexual alphamale
the weekend club is filled with dickdogs, i hate to go there
by Matthew Connors June 11, 2007
8 8
A canine purchased or acquired solely for enhancing one's masculinity and street cred-- often more by its reputaton rather than reality.
Ohh yes, he got him a dick-dog Pit Bull. Too bad the pooch likes to love on him more than growl.

That pansy-ass deputy got himself a Rottweiler. Now he's got a REAL dick-dog.
by Mumsie Dogma October 30, 2011
0 2
To be a dick and be as lazy as a dog.
If I don't get sleep tonight, tomorrow I'm going to feel like a Dick Dog.
by bwebbofar July 14, 2010
7 15
Used to describe someone who's nose looks like a dick, while their face looks like a dog's.
Man, I've never told you this before, but you are one hell of a dickdog!
by Will May 21, 2004
8 20