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a woman who holds out for waaaay to long... e.g a bitch, a lesbian, or a girl goin out with an ugo....
dude no 1 :damn my ex was a dickdodger, 4 months and she didn't even touch it
dude no 2 : hehe, she touched mine, a dickdodger she was not... maybe your just fugly
dude no 1 : BLAARG *fight ensues*
by the legend of chong January 15, 2010
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A girl who always tries to avoid having sex by making up silly excuses Or a girl who won't let you go past 2nd or 3rd base...
"So how did it go with Stacey dude?"

"Couldn't get past third, she said she had to go somewhere"
"Dude! She's a straight up dick dodger!"
by JumatiK August 15, 2011
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the name of my cousin's penis, or straight people
Dick Dodgers wants to use his forward laser cannon on her
by Double D February 11, 2004
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