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A clit that is large enough to be mistaken for a penis, although is not.
That bitch had a 2" dickclit!
by Bob McFillius April 08, 2003
Dick clit is a result of years of steroid use. It causes the clit to become grow ridiculously long so it resembles a Chinese man’s schlort. See: Chyna.
Don't do it, man, I heard she has a serious dick clit.
by Siln June 19, 2011
1. Slang for the visible lump which marks the convergence of nerve endings on the underside of the penis just below the penis head which, if you picture it wet and slimy, bares a striking resemblence to the female clitorus.

2. The most sensitive spot on a man's penis.
Woman: Do you like it when I lick all over your shaft?

Man: I like when you focus on my dick clit for a bit, then go wild licking it all over, then go back to my dick clit.
by (====}`~~$m0k3r July 19, 2010
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