A Dickburger is a Hardee's burger you receive when you go through the drive-thru late at night, instead of receiving a Thickburger. The burger tastes like dick because some dirty beaner shoved his dong in between the hamburger buns before he wrapped it up for you to eat.
Ah shit Tom, this burger tastes like some mexican put his weiner on the hamburger buns, what a nasty dickburger!
by Vladamir Strokoffalot November 14, 2007
Top Definition
1) Literally a meat patty made from ground penises.
2) Derogatorily a self serving person with a weak constitution.
3) Archaic: Comic book character from the 1930's series "Dick Berger"
Bigots are total dickburgers!
by Gardner! October 18, 2011
1. A nonsensical phrase commonly used as a conversation starter while intoxicated

2. A hamburger from Casey's General Store with all or most of the available condiments and toppings
Tron: "Dickburgers"
Albert: "What are you talking about?"
Tron: "Derp"

Ed: "What's up, man?"
Tron: "Just got back from Casey's with this dickburger. Its so good."
Ed: "Dude, you got that shit all over your face."
Tron: "I know I love dickburgers"
by shit sorry dude October 30, 2011
Another way of calling someone a dumbass.
John was being a real dick burger today.
by Cheech April 02, 2003
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