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The superhero Miguel Arellano. As a child, while being sexually penetrated by his uncle for the 1000th time, he decided that he had enough. While yelling "NO MORE!" his sphincter closed with so much force that his uncles' dick broke off inside Miguel's ass. Now as an adult, he patrols the streets. He confronts criminals, getting them erect, making them penetrate him and breaking off their dicks.
What smells like dick and ass? Oh look! in the alley! its Dickbreaker!
by Donvntme December 12, 2011
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during sex in the missionary position; when your penis slips out of the vagina and you complete an additional stroke, your cock runs into the taint, or in this scenario, 'the dickbreaker'.
Last night I hit the dickbreaker....
by Blubberboy March 30, 2008
much like the game brick breaker this it the act of throwing someones black berry\cell phone into their crotch, usually a male.
"hey throw me my phone"

*phone thrown and hits crotch
"oh snap! dick breaker!!!"
by benkwelzo December 18, 2009
Your so gay that you brake the dick off to suck both ends.
Man that guy's a Dickbreaker he broke a dick off to suck both ends!
by chase brooks August 31, 2008

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