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The puss filled nodules on his/her penis formed as a result of over excessive masturbation.
"Dude look at my dick!!"
"It's my dick blisters, I screwed myself too hard"
"Dude, that's fuckin gross....."
by Mitch January 05, 2005
35 19
1. A Local Death metal Band in Oakdale California
2. A Blister on your dick
3. A name you give someone out of anger
1. Sing Honey Sperm Dick Blister!

2. I have a Blister on my Cock!

3. Dude, You're a Fuckign Dick Blister
by William Ichord June 06, 2007
14 8
A real or imagined liquid-filled sore resulting from an over-worked penis.
"Pulling out all stops, he began thrusting with dickblistering ferocity."
by Waylon Rowley September 14, 2004
6 3
Do you remember the 2000's, when EVERYONE said "douchebag?"

This decade, these same douchebag people will be called "dickblisters."
John Mayer is, despite his best efforts, ultimately a dickblister.
by gabe3 December 10, 2009
1 0
an extremely annoying person, who is actually painful to have around. They are someone you will do anything to get away from
thank GOD Steve is gone! i thought he would never shut the hell up!!! he can be a REAL dick blister.
by porktron 3000 October 29, 2013
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