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a person that has the name richard , or rich and is a buzz kill and is not fun to be around because he is always in a bad moon and needs to stop being a lame party buzz killer bacause he his whiped ass bitch and is not fun to be around at all ....only happy for very very short time spans
by cheynne666 November 10, 2009
richard and dick combined. Dick is a nickname for richard so a genius from burrillville, ri made up the name dickard.
Girl: Have you seen Rich today?

Guy:You mean Dickard? Yeah he's working at IGA.
by BigBUD926 August 17, 2008
Richard and dick combined. A genius from RI thought of it.
Girl: Have you seen Rich today?

Guy: You mean Dickard? Yeah I seen him at IGA
by Eli926 September 03, 2008
Richard and Dick combined. A nickname created by a 18 year old male from RI.
Kate: Have you seen Rich?

Eli: You mean Dickard? Yeah he's at IGA.
by eli926 September 03, 2008