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Just like the Richter scale that measures the magnitude of earthquakes, this refers to how much a guy has rocked your world.

It could also mean how big of a surprise or disappointment his dick is in size.
So , Sally, how was your date last night with John?
OMG! He knows how to work it! He was so a 8.5 on the dick-ter scale.

Let me tell you, John may not have an ass, but he makes up for it in the front. He is at least a 9.5 on the dick-ter scale.

Oh yeah, I had a one night stand with that guy. From what I remember, it wasn't worth it. He was like a 2.0 on the dick-ter scale.

Did you see that bulge in that guys pants? Looks like he could cause some serious damage with thing. He must be like a 8.5 on the dick-ter scale.
by Delta Divas June 23, 2011
The level of Dickness that one is achieving by being a Dick to people.
Gary is being such a Dick lately that his Dickness is rating a 9.0 on the Dickter Scale.
by RTD2 September 04, 2013
The amount of force exerted from you dick while having sexual intercourse.
Dude I rocked her last night! It was a 8.7 on the Dickter Scale!
by Archerdog February 08, 2012