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A guy who has crooked teeth due to giving orally to other men.
"That guy totally has dick-teeth!"
"Freddie Mercury has a serious case of dick-teeth."
#dick-tooth #fucked up grill #busted teeth #chickenhead #gaymouth
by pss121 March 22, 2009
One who bites down during a "special" moment!
Get off me cock, ya dickteeth!
by Not Dan September 28, 2004
`noun - "a mouth full of teeth resembling the male genitalia i.e. the penis"

`noun 2 - "a mouth so often full of dicks, their teeth turn into tiny penises"
"Shut up dick teeth!"
#dick #douche #douchebag #nigger love #penis breath #titty sprinkles
by eyeshield 21 December 26, 2007
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