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1. An unpleasant or unintelligent person.
2. A person who is addicted to the aroma (odor) of the penis.
Originated in the East End of London in 1836. Was often used by Town-Cryers.
1. Stop being such a dick-sniffer and let me pay by credit card.
2. Do not go in the rest-room. I hear the dick-sniffer is on the prowl.
by Bulbudda Ramujasbah July 18, 2004
1.) A complete and utter Douchebag.

2.) A causal term used to rip on your friends like Phillip or Ian.
1.) Check out that guys Ed Hardy shirt. What a dick sniffer!

2.) What's up Phillip you Dick Sniffer?
by Richard Sniffer March 12, 2011
One who savors the scent of penis.
Matt was such a dicksniffer, he had forgotten the odor of pussy.
by Richie Sambora July 11, 2003
a total asshole, a loser, a dick, grant
person 1- my boyfriend dumped me
person 2- omg he is a dick sniffer!
by ZB&CL October 16, 2008
A word that faggots like to say when they are playing halo
Friend: Where are you at you dick sniffer?
by DickSniffer12349876 August 12, 2010
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