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A "dick-fold" (n) is a person who wrongly assumes he is superior to others, and thus tends to be unbearably arrogant and self-regarding, treating colleagues, employees, and companions with contempt.

The term is most often used to describe a person in a position of power; an employer.

It derives from the name of the former CEO of Lehamnn Brothers, Dick Fuld, a man famous for his bloated ego, whose hubris led to the collapse of the fourth largest investment bank in the USA, triggering a global recession in 2008.
Example 1:
"Our new boss has installed a private elevator so that he doesn't have to inadvertently bump into us whilst at work. He's such a dick-fold."

Example 2:
"My supervisor said he didn't have time to meet me because he had 'better things to do' - the dick-fold."
by Arshad GGR January 22, 2012
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