a dick with plastic metal etc something to support it and used by deformed mutants Warning: do not use viagra when you have a dickdo
a dickdo is used by people who have been mutilated in the balls.
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004
Top Definition
when a man is so fat, his belly hangs down further than his dick does.
look at that man. he has dick-do disease! his gut hangs down further than his dick does!
by da trick biatch May 10, 2006
its where ur stomach sticks out farther than ur dick do
jamees fat has has a dick do
by jshimmy January 24, 2006
When your belly sticks out more than your dick does.
Bob's belly sticks out more than his dickdo.
by Donnie Barker May 10, 2004
where yo belly hangs further than yo dick do!
you know you fat when you got a dickdo
by VyeBrator March 30, 2007
This is when your stomach hangs out farther than your dickdo.
Fat bastards have dickdo.
by Justblaze! April 02, 2006
When a guy's stomach sticks out farther than his dick does.
Person 1: Josh, you should start working out to take care of that dick-do.
Person 2: What the hell is a dick-do?
Person 1: You know...it's where your stomach sticks out farther than your dick do.
by Angela February 11, 2003
When a man's gut hangs down lower than his penis does.
Antoinette won't date Tim because he has a dickdo.
by BC December 23, 2004
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