The length of time it takes for the human penis to grow one inch
Guy 1: "Man this line is taking forever!"
Guy 2: "Yeah its taking a dick year"
by Joweh January 07, 2013
Top Definition
(noun)- A length of time anywhere between a picosecond (one trillionth of a second) and a millenium (one thousand years). Usually used negatively or in the sarcastically positive.
1) Man, it took you a dick year to get here! What gives?

2) Oh great, you're here, and it only took a dick year!
by Kwisatz Haderach May 10, 2005
(A):Using entirely too much time for the petty little thing the person is doing,while another person,or other people are waiting,and on a tight schedule,usually making themselves and the other(s)late.
(B):When a project is,or will be expected to use up an extreme amount of time.
(A):Oh my God Kim,Swede is taking an entire dickyear!!!
(B)'s gonna take a dickyear to get that engine put back together!
(C)"Yer takin' a dickyear man...we've got to go now"!!!
by Michael Krans November 21, 2006
A dick-year, also dick year or dickyear (symbol: dy), is a unit of length equal to just over 55 meters (or about 182 feet). As defined by the International Penile Union (IPU), a dick-year is the distance equivalent to the length of dicks a girl can go through in one Julian year (assuming a rate of one dick per day at a length of 15 centimeters or 6 inches per dick).
"Hey man, how far from home are we?" "About 47 dick years."
by SotoMizer May 07, 2013
A relatively short amount of time that seems to take an agonizingly long time to get over with.
Person #1: "Hey, I heard you fucked Tommy last night."
Person #2: "Worst fuck of my life. Ten seconds took a dick year."
by Candicks August 20, 2009
The last year, sometime in the mid to late 1950's when it was OK to give your son Richard the nickname "Dick."
"Was 1956 the Dick year?
by boblnyc December 22, 2011
1) A unit of distance approximately equivalent to the average increase in length in the average (human) male's penis from his 18th to 19th birthday
2) A long period of time
"Hey Ron! Man, I haven't seen you in like a dick year!"
by Ben Ito April 19, 2009
Approximately twelve days
It took me a dick year to get to work this morning.

by e_a_k June 29, 2006
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