A woman that abides to the male penis.
He has me so "dick whipped" I cant even function without him and his member.
by lamoismynamo March 17, 2011
Top Definition
woman controlled by her man
The woman was dick whipped by her man and his big penis.
by Pixie November 24, 2003
The circumstance in which a woman has became completely controlled by her man; The act of smacking the woman (usually across the face) with your cock.
a.\ My girl used to be bitchy till I put her in her place, now shes completely dick whipped and obeys me like a dog.

b.\ Yeah, while I have the girl sucking my nuts I usually will dick whip her once or twice to let her know shes a bitch.
by Dantis May 25, 2005
Woman who goes crazy about her man and would do anything to prove that she loves him.
dick whipped girl:(gives guy a gift for valentines day)
guy:(takes it) o dam i forgot it was valentines day
girl: what?(cry)
guy: hey why r u crying i thought u loved me?
girl: i do
guy: Fucking LIAR prove it
(they fuck and they are both happy again)
by dont_worry August 19, 2007
when a man controls the relationship and the girl does anything the man wants her to.
jenni is dick whipped
by un_known August 17, 2007
someone, usually a girl, who is completely controlled by her man
Lucie wanted to go to the store but as soon as her man said "No, you can't go" she didn't go. That chick is dickwhipped.
by BkLyN ShOrTy 06 January 06, 2004
The act of using the semi-hard penis to literally (and laterally) whip the buns of a satiated female after fucking her dog-style. A crude sort of cleansing action, to shake off the spunk right after it's been immersed in the funk.

Circa Central California Mid-Eighties
"That big tit blonde, Betty, likes to get dick whipped as a sign of love."
by buffalo patty April 23, 2005
similar to pussy whipped , however with the rolls reversed. the girl will do anything asked/commanded by the guy.
she is so dick whipped by dakota, he has her trained to feed him on command.
by .N.P.H. December 05, 2009
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