Someone who is being mean, a jerk.
Joe: Leslie, you really suck at making words up. Why don't you just go jump off a cliff before your Swinson's Disease spreads to others.

Leslie: Joe, quit being suck a dick tickler
by younowhoiam;) July 08, 2011
A person who tries to grab, or touch someone's dick making it seem like they are trying to tickle it. Also, the act of getting close to one's dick. Typically a girl, can be a guy.
Girl #1: I was just playing around! I didn't mean to touch it!
Girl #2: Seems to me like you were being a dick tickler!
by Jenna Glitzsweet March 22, 2011
Similar to a Ball Tickler (beard) A mushtash used for oral peasure of anothers member in a sense tickling the shaft of another males errect penis, or dick.

In Some cases females can grow dick ticklers.
~Man I'm glad you finally grew a dick tickler.. It greatly adds to the peasure~

~That new dick tickler you have, made my sperm shoot an exta 3 feet.~

~Hey look at that dudes dick tickler~

~Hitler has a small dick tickler~

~Dude, that girl over there has a dick tickler.. SWEET!~

~Man, I think I'm going to grow a dick tickler to look like Jeff Foxworty~
by Dr. Daddy July 27, 2005
any person of homosexual origins; a gay, fag, or queer person;
a person of faggoty nature
I think you are a real dick tickler today.
by Marshallrific October 25, 2007
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