The extra drip or two of PP after using the bathroom.
Mark: Tom looks like your Dick-Tear leaked threw your pants.
by J-Gill1995 December 02, 2012
Top Definition
dick tear - the clear "tear like" precum fluid that can drip from an erect penis. When a cock-tease gets a guy hot and bothered and then leaves him hanging, his unit can shed a dick tear.
him: what? you are leaving and not gonna give it up?

her: yeah, i'm outta here. what do you think i am, a hooker?

him: no, but you are a damn cock-tease.

her: just cuz you have the bag doesn't mean you are going to get laid, so your little weenie can shed a dick tear when i walk out the door.
by jillzgotskillz February 18, 2010
You dick starts to cry from the emotional overload.
Andrew: God I can feel my dick tears edging from that sweet loli.
by ChesterTM April 27, 2015
The tears that come out of your special eye.
Suzie gave the worst blowjob ever and made my dick cry. Good thing she ate my dick tears.
by Taintstar November 17, 2009
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