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The sudden appearance of a large quantity of dicks.
I was on chat roulette last night and kept getting connected to men jerking off. Man, it was a real Dickstorm.
by BigFudge5682 July 23, 2012
a relentless pounding, dicks rain from the heavens, unleashing an unholy wrath on all that stand in the way of the storm. undetectable by Doppler radar
Girl-i cant believe i got stuck in that dick storm last night, it was nuts, literally!
by jerome12 December 23, 2008
noun: A large quantity of dicks.
I was looking at the missed connections section of craigslist last night because it makes me feel better about myself and all of the pictures loaded at once. Man, it was a real Dickstorm!
by T-Bone5682 May 25, 2012
when the number of males in an environment overwhelmingly exceeds that of females present.
man this party is a total sausage fest. no dude its a dick storm.
by sterno inferno May 30, 2011
verb; the stealth act of planting an anonymous drawing of a penis or similarly offensive illustration in a place where someone is likely to discover it when not suspecting.

noun; in reference to the article itself, often a hand-drawn image on a scrap of paper taped to the inside of a friends sunglasses or buried in their sugar pot.
That Chris is a genius, he lowered my office chair all the way so when I went to grab the lever to correct it I found a cheeky dickstorm stuck to it.
by dick storm July 19, 2011