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australian slang for speedos or any other brief swimwear
check out the dick stickers on him
by Mike March 08, 2004
Very small piece of fabric used to cover the "junk" of a male while swimming in public.

Common in Europe and Australia.

Also know as a "Speedo."
That man's dick sticker is disturbing me...
by BarbieGrL1700 July 29, 2009
a derragatory term for one who sticks his dick in every vagina he can, whether the girl is old, young, ugly, or pretty. a gross, sex tool, scumbag.
"Ew, look at Garrett. What a desperate and pathetic guy."
"Yeah I heard he did it with some 14 year old."
"Isn't he a little old for that?"
"Yeah, but he's a Dick Sticker."
by guys are stupid December 21, 2011
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