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An insulting term that compares someone to the stains left in a man's underwear by his dick. An obnoxious, digusting person that you can't stand to be around.
My boss made me work overtime every night this week. What a dick stain!
by MrManMD February 12, 2008
a stain from dried dickjuice
see also....dickjuice
Al Abad* had a dickstain on his collar
*ficticious name
by Die Slow September 18, 2004
Person that is beneath contempt - needs to work his (or her) way up to be a douchebag
"Hey, Lorelei, there's some guy waving to you from across the street. Who is it?"

"Oh my god, let's get outta here, I don't wanna have to talk to that dickstain!!!"
by Goosehammer September 21, 2009
When you masturbate into a ... cup, and just pour it onto the ... carpet
Person 1: Hey, Liam just left a dickstain on my carpet.

Person 2: Aww, that cunt. We just vacuumed.
by RolfRolfington January 04, 2012
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