A sponge used to clean saliva off the penis after oral copulation.
You threw away my dicksponge? Dammit Carol what am I supposed to use tonight?
by Mt Bewbies June 21, 2010
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Top Definition
1.another word for a slut.
2.a female used only for sex.
She is such a dick sponge.
Shes Tims dick sponge.
by Matt Sch August 11, 2005
A mocking term used to describe an annoying disposition - the female equivalent of a "douche bag".
This club is full of dick sponges, let's go get some tacos instead.
by htothec March 09, 2012
A girl who SOAKS UP the 'likes' 'dislikes' and 'personality' of whatever dick she's currently riding.
All of the sudden she likes whatever her dick of the week likes? What a Dicksponge.
by SkinSuit October 22, 2014

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