A term used for condom
Matt Baxter got sperm-jacked 'cause he wasn't wearing his dicksock.
by iamthesocklord February 22, 2010
Top Definition
A sock a man wears over his penis when he goes to the tanning salon to tan to prevent it from getting sun burned.
It is advised to always bring a dick sock when you fake bake. What's the point of looking tan and sexy if your dick is burnt.
by lil miss April 10, 2006
Another term for a vagina.
I'm a little chilly, can I wrap my cock up with your dick sock.
by AsianGM October 20, 2006
another name for a whore, slut, or loose person. Can be female for vaginal or anal intercouse or male for anal intercourse.
Hahaha, that bitch sky is such a dick sock. She must have slept with atleast 300 hundred people already.
by assattack99 May 24, 2009
a cotton condom
The sex last night was great until raj put his dick sock on and gave my vagina a rugburn
by zazy z November 04, 2013
a sock you put on your cock to warm it up or a condom
"you ripped my dicksock asshole!"
by dicksock August 30, 2008
(a)sometimes referred to as a person thats a dumbass
(b)can basically be used to describe anything
"That person is being a real dicksock!"
"Are you wearing your dicksocks today?"
by psycholoser March 14, 2008
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