Male ejaculant that just needs to be shot out ASAP.
After suffering with blue balls for at least 3 hours, Jennie came over and pulled the lanyard on my meat cannon thus spraying my dick snot all over her succulent breasts.
by Pepper November 02, 2004
Top Definition
Dick snot is indeed semen but is more accuratley used when referring to jism dribbling from the eye of the penis (as opposed to shooting) as regular snot does from the nose when you have a cold.
After releasing a generous wad of ball-sack bolognaise into the eye of my girlfriend, she gleefully slurped the remaining dick snot from the head of my penis.
by JJ Brubaker July 02, 2006
The semen that issues forth from the penis during ejaculation. The penis is sneezing,
Jesus, look at the dicksnot all over yourself.
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
Pre-ejaculate. Leakage.
After getting a lapdance I had to go to the bathroom and wipe up a little dick snot.
by blagguy January 24, 2003
Pre-ejaculatory penil secretions. Pre-cum.
I didn't have any tape, so I sealed the envelope with some dicksnot.
by Jack Meoff March 07, 2003
a man's ejaculation after pleasure
the expulsion from the penis
by gear October 24, 2004
The projectile discharge of seman from the penis
Dude my dick snot got all over my blankets tonight
by Corey sinopoli March 09, 2009
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