Top Definition
A homosexual; a guy who gives head to other guys.
Watch out for Phil, he's a real dick smoker.
by Rony February 06, 2003
someone who gets on thier knees for the boss!
Nathan is Don's dicksmoker!
by coastworm October 08, 2003
one who is highly stressed, and uses sucking cocks as a relief. Also it is known that this individuals neccessity to relieve thier anxiety leads to uncleanliness. consequently they may be know to be a dirty cocksucker.
there have been many met in my life, but the one who qualifies as a chain smoker would be Chris Proctor.
by not a second hand smoker March 25, 2004
Synonym for "cocksucker"
Quit blocking the intersection, you dicksmoker!
by Anthony Volpe April 22, 2003
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