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One who receives anal sex and shits on the penetrator's dick either during intercourse or upon penile extraction.
Nah, you don't wanna fuck her in the ass, she's a major dick shitter.
by nickfinn November 16, 2006
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An offensive insult referring to a person's asshole-like qualities.
Dude, you're such fucking dickshitter.
by vinnie baby January 09, 2008
One who tucks his penis into his own butthole, and then farts it out...occassionally accompanied with muddy runs.
That Steve is such a dick-shitter; he has to shower like four or five times a day just to NOT reak of his own anus.
by Shant A. [Accept no imitations] February 26, 2005
A slang term for homosexual
That guy has got to be the biggest dickshitter I've ever seen because of the way he's dressed.
by Rexton81 July 10, 2008
one who shits on dicks during anal intercourse
I shat on your dick during that Anal Session ie. Dickshitter
by Ausjustin1 September 19, 2006
One who excretes fecal matter through their dick/dong/tallywacker/johnson/penis.
Why do you have to be such a dick shitter! I don't want all of your shit on my carpet!
by TKrumb September 28, 2006

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