someone esp. a male who is always on another male dick. always talking about that guy, bringing up his name.
person 1: yo did u see what sam had on today, that fool was tacky as hell

person 2: man why u always on that man case, stop being a dick rider
by sonfa October 01, 2008
an annoying follower with no originality and/or extreme fan who hates on other people but their idol
me: bro you see that highlight in wiz khalifa's hair
classmate: yeah imma get that
me: you a dickrider
by thats wassup April 04, 2011
Somebody that isn't true to something and is only in it because it's the in thing.
It can be sports, music or TV.
Most San Francisco Giants fans are dickriding faggots because they don't know anything about the team.
by Cyrus December 10, 2004
a nosy ass person who is always on you
damn stay out of my business, u fuckin dick rider
by Dominique March 30, 2004
a woman who uses the sex position where she is on top in a neeling position and the man is on his back between her legs and she rides up and down on his dick.
Kathy is a dick rider.
by Deep blue 2012 December 07, 2009
A low-life kid on xbox live and youtube that acts cool to people (especially anyone that is semi-known by people in the audiences targeted) just for their own personal gain, usually in a failing attempt to get well known themselves. This usually just results in them being made fun of and laughed at for being such a loser and failing at life.
"Dude did you see that faggot brocz0r and how he stole NeVeRm0r3's template cuz he is such a dick rider?"
"Yeah, he should just become a JR to someone cuz he's so random."
by NeVeRm0r3 April 04, 2010
One who rides a dick also see cock jockey
dude you r a dick rider
by mark zeman June 10, 2005

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