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An object which receives your massive, hot load of cum. The following are examples of such objects; a rag, t-shirt, paper towel, or really sluty girls face.
Merry is such a prude bitch! I can never cum in her mouth, she always makes me shoot into my dick rag.
by textfile232 January 02, 2006
Another word for a loin cloth. Its the G-String of the loin cloth world. It lacks style and only offers limited coverage of the todge. It is the last desperate attempt to cover ones modesty.

In short, its just a fucking rag to cover your todge.
"Dude, where the fuck is your dickrag?"
"If all else is lost, at least you have your dickrag."
Dickrag, as modelled by Golem in Lord of the Rags
by Biskylicious Dave August 16, 2006
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