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the act of using one's fist to forcefully demolish the manhood of another.
I'd like to dick punch that damn bastard at Fox who cancled Family Guy. (fuck the new-found cartoon network fans, you assholes aren't old school!)
by Kwelobus December 24, 2003
1.Refers to any kind of strike directed toward a human male's genitals by another human's fist.
2.The feeling of intense pain or sadness coupled with only the slightest pleasure. Much like how being punched in the genitals hurts badly but there is still the fact that something touched them.
1. Goofus just dickpunched Gallant for telling him how to live his life.
2. Man, I know I'm right about this, but it sure is a dickpunch.
by Nimsim November 14, 2005
A creature with whom even a brief conversations begets the punching of one's own genitalia. It would be a welcome relief from the awfulness. i.e. you would much rather punch yourself in the dick so hard that you puke before letting the conversation continue. Women wish they could grow a dick so that they might then be able to punch it.
I was talking to Kory earlier and it made me seriously consider punching my own balls. Fucking Dickpunch.
by carolsarah December 17, 2011
dick punch; (a gesture not an action) made towards boyfriends or exes when they behave inappropriately
"Darren didn't call me last night and bailed on dinner".
"What a douchebag, he deserves a dick punch".
by shanimal101 May 19, 2016
A punch bowl that has been spiked with severed male genitalia.
Me Hey can you pass the Dick Punch?
by PotatoCannons August 04, 2011
The act of forcing an erection so quick, it seems as if is it's punching something.
I just dick punched this chick and gave her a black eye.
by BretPriebe January 14, 2011
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