An asshole who loves to fuck with you.
Asshole : *Throws a book at you*

Me: Wow your a fucking Dick muncher
#asshole #douchbag #wenly #eats #ass
by _7O9Fleece December 14, 2011
Top Definition
someone who chews on cock
joe you are such a dick muncher
by skrilla nilla deala February 24, 2005
one who munches on penises and likes it
"That hoe is a little dickmuncher"
by elizabeth December 16, 2003
a) one who enjoys giving head

b) a derogatory term used mostly on guys when they are acting strange, annoying, assholes, etc.
c) and if used literally, someone that actually enjoys eating dicks.
Guy being annoying

other guy "get the hell away from me you fucking dick muncher".
#cock-sucker #prick #monkey sucker #ball biter #gay ass motherfucker
by niinii108 June 01, 2010
Eating to much dick...dick
Your such a dick munch stop it
by Chris Porter October 22, 2003
a muncher of dick
one who munches a dick
“tyler paul walker”
“dude, stop trying to munch my dick, you dickmuncher”
#dick #muncher #tyler #walker #paul
by isaiah case November 07, 2007
one who munches on dicks or just a word to use while insulting someone.
shut the fuck up Adam your a dickmuncher
#munch #dick #chode #penis #eat #gobble.
by A$VP-$OUL February 25, 2015
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