Leaving an upset and/or emotional female with nothing but a flash of your penis.
Chad: "Yeah dude, she was just crying in her room for an hour and a half, I couldn't deal with that shit."
Jason: "Damn bro, what did you do?"
Chad: "I just gave her the ol' dick move and left."
by dsles December 09, 2009
dick move = dick head basically, something done or said that will lead to a loss of a friend.
Coutless dick moves, we all have encountered them. Someone that has doen something bad to another male friend is known as a dick head.Usually for a girl that niether was suppose to have and that no one didn't get after all anyways.
by New Nevada August 07, 2006
After impregnating a lady friend, being a dick to try and trick her into thinking that you won't be around when the child is born, hoping that she will then in turn get an abortion.
Chris: I thought you weren't gonna be around when the child is born?
Ryan: Nah, I was just pulling the dick move, hoping that she'd get rid of it.
by Franks-N-Beans August 04, 2006

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