The act of leaving somewhere, something, or someone to go to somewhere, something, or someone else without letting anyone know of you plan to do so. It is generally frowned upon by common folk and induces thoughts of anger, sadness and frustration.
Juan left our school without letting anyone know, including his best friends. This was considered a dick move.
by Ohh, someone knows;-) October 19, 2008
An action that is deemed, unnecessary and or uncalled for.
A friend: "Dude your mom looked hot today"

Your reply: "Dude, that was a dick move on your part"
by Alex Zaragoza July 29, 2007
Leaving an upset and/or emotional female with nothing but a flash of your penis.
Chad: "Yeah dude, she was just crying in her room for an hour and a half, I couldn't deal with that shit."
Jason: "Damn bro, what did you do?"
Chad: "I just gave her the ol' dick move and left."
by dsles December 09, 2009
dick move = dick head basically, something done or said that will lead to a loss of a friend.
Coutless dick moves, we all have encountered them. Someone that has doen something bad to another male friend is known as a dick head.Usually for a girl that niether was suppose to have and that no one didn't get after all anyways.
by New Nevada August 07, 2006
After impregnating a lady friend, being a dick to try and trick her into thinking that you won't be around when the child is born, hoping that she will then in turn get an abortion.
Chris: I thought you weren't gonna be around when the child is born?
Ryan: Nah, I was just pulling the dick move, hoping that she'd get rid of it.
by Franks-N-Beans August 04, 2006

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