A "dick move" is defined as being any action that requires an outstanding amount of courage and a remarkable lack of forethought.
You: BOOOYAAAA! I just did my girlfriend's sister.
Me: Dick move.
by fudgikillz January 23, 2009
when a person, does something out his own volition to satisfy himself regardless of the consequence to him/herself or anyone else. an act of total dumbassery , that could've been avoided with a little bit of thought.
you open the door to your car then check yourself in the mirror and an oncoming car takes your door along for a ride, this... is a dickmove. it could've been avoided if youchecked yourself first then left the car... dumbass.
by Liu ver.20 April 14, 2008
an adjective used to describe when someone is being a dick.
Guy 1: Hey, I plugged your girlfriend last night!

Guy 2: Dude, that was a dick move.
by fried rice92 July 22, 2008
An action by a sports team to another sports team which violates understood social/sportsmanship expectations, especially where the transgressor obtains a slight advantage in comparison to the relatively large bounty placed on the transgressors future student athletes.
On Saturday October 27th, 2007 when the entire University of Georgia football team stormed the field in celebration of there first of many scores on the day, that was a dick move!
by Uoffkid October 30, 2007
When a person goes out of their way to do something that barely improves their life but greatly inconveniences those around them for no other reason than to be a dick
John visited his grandma's house, and after seeing her grand piano sitting out of the way in the corner, decided to move it into the middle of the room knowing that she wouldn't be able to move it back. She was like "that's a dick move John, and you're out of the will", but John didn't care because she was broke and he was a dick so he just left it there
by Pinkman84 August 02, 2015
To do something dickish, just to be an asshole.
John spread the lids out on the pallet, what a dick move!
by Triggerdown June 13, 2015
When someone pulls a move so sneeky and evil you wonder what crack pipe they have been smoking.
PBH is trying to fuck over the Freestival people in Cowgate again. What a Dick Move!
by Lrac Yelnos May 26, 2015
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