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Someone who does something stupid.
"Watch it, Dicklip!"
by bekahpie August 09, 2006
A total Nimrod. A person who is a stupid asshole and needs to fall off the face of the earth.
Hey Dick lips, ya I'm talking to you, you're a fucking idiot!
by Skylar Luster December 15, 2007
A penis with lips.
Can be caused by the splitting of the foreskin, or sometimes occurs as a natural birth defect that comes with a complete set of teeth and tongue in the pisshole, making the owner of the dick lips a ledgend at oral sex.
Little Jonnie and Arny's mother were fucking like rabbits.
Little Jonnie slipped and fell.
Little Jonnie dick slapped a cat on his way to the floor.
The cat was angry, and pounced at little Jonnie's errect penis, slashing it open at the end with it's claws.
Little Jonnie screamed in pain.
Little Jonnie was pissing blood through his dick lips.
by TTTT2 June 21, 2006
Usually means, or is ment to mean that u suck,lick, or kiss the penis, and or dildo. Anyone who reads this is likly to be a dicklips within the next 3 to 5 years... Congraultions!
....Hey there DickLips! (Negitive)
by C.J. January 15, 2005
when someone's lips looks like the head of penis
People called him dicklips cuz his dick looks like his lips
by PiMp MaStA February 22, 2003