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The hands of someone who insists on handleing things that they have been told not to.
Keep your Dickgrabbers off that before I smack you in your Cocksucker!
by Sxygrizzly August 25, 2009
A girl belonging to the sorority DG.
That girl in the club was a total dick grabber
by joel momma January 24, 2010
A girl who grabs your penis while on the dance floor.
"Jen grabbed my dick while I was dancing with her at the frat party last night"
"Yeah... everyone knows Jen is a dick grabber"
by Bray420 April 11, 2007
originated from those poofs that just want to get your dick.
jared Harrison the poof from chisholm college just cant get enough dick, just launches at it with his hands.
by Bob Dillon March 02, 2005