the absolute complete opposite of a chickflick. made for groups of men to watch together and express sentiments of repressed cromagnon agression. the cinamatic equivelent of a circle jerk. a movie with gratuitous amounts of primative violence and male dominated sex. typically with minor or subtle philosophical points to elude the female mind. main actors are always large powerful men who are fearless.
i thought my girlfriend would enjoy fightclub, however she seemed very unimpressed. i think she didn't understand it because it was really more of a dickflick
by francisfarmer211 March 19, 2009
Gay pornography
I found a stack of dick flicks in my dad's closet
by TimThomas March 13, 2009
A movie that gives you a boner.
Hey Jerry did you see that new movie it was a real dick flick.
by DMJohnson December 31, 2014
1. Shoot-em-up and blow-em-up movies without clever dialog that only a man could like. 2. Any movie starring Steven Seagal.
Nothing is showing, just a Dick Flick.
by Scrapperelli August 31, 2011
High action, tit showing, adrenaline building, guy movies.
Lets watch Bruce lee's enter the dragon or die hard those are definitive dick flicks
by in a maze kim August 22, 2010
the opposite of a chick flick-- a movie that appeals almost exclusively to males
dude 1: "Man, Borat RULES!!!! i haven't seen that many girls watching it though..."
dede 2: "well of course not! it's like a total dick flick, man!"
by Hannah Freeman September 06, 2007
a male version of "chick flick"
Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow
There are no funny women in this movie- it must be a Dick Flick.

Question: Why are there "feel good" musical scenes of guys playing games and horsing around with each other in this movie?
Answer: It's probably a Dick Flick.

So many fart jokes and pot in this movie--it must be a Dick Flick.

Question: Why are these straight guys saying things about ass, balls, and being gay to the other straight guys in this movie?
Answer: It's probably a Dick Flick

The female love interest is a lawyer in this movie- it must be a Dick Flick.

The women curse and are nymphomaniacs (except one, the one that is a lawyer) in this movie- it must be a Dick Flick.
by ad2 September 14, 2013

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