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Literal Term!
"It was about as rare as a Dick Fart"
by Bilbo January 31, 2004
100 99
When your penis sneezes and you get jelly everywhere
I had a nasty dick fart the other day, blasted my entire room!
by BOD4Life April 14, 2010
31 32
The result of inserting a straw into your urethera and inflating your bladder with air in order to expel it in a man kweef of utter devastation. Best applied at close range and post coitus.
Dude, it's called a dickfart. It's kind of self explanitory.
by BJ Giacco November 16, 2007
15 20
Gaseous secretion from a Male's penile tracts after a long, dedicated session of sexual intercourse.
"Billy's penis let out a long tasty dickfart after sex with Karen"
by Jake111111 January 24, 2009
8 17
the word that females call a guy who is totally messed up
he is messed up n is the male version of a SLIME

these are the characteristics of a DICKFART

- they go out with girls only for sex
- they say they love u but they know its a lie
- they make u feel like something but then take that feeling back away from you
-they are always SEXYY n totally LOVABLE
-basically they are liars and FAKES
before : wow i'm so in love with keith
after : he lied to me n broke my heart. keith is sucha dickfart =/
by Chanelliepooh February 07, 2008
5 19
a dick fart is when gay men are having sex and when 1 guys dick is n the other guys ass then the guy with the dick in his ass farts
When deuce and dustin were having gay sex deuce dickfarted when dustins dick was in his ass.
by rejioa November 25, 2007
11 26
when a man or woman bends over and farts on an another's dick; often used as a sexual aphrodisiac.
Josh like to dick fart with other men late at night.
by Mark K Hermann September 26, 2009
16 41