A person which could in other more civilized times, be termed a "Goon"
"Hey Who is the dick-eyes?"

"Oh, he's Harmless. merely a hired Goon"
by Davies G March 25, 2008
when a evil person decides do put his penis in someones eye, hence they have a dickeye. or someone that happens to blink alot more than normal.
(everyone) Hey langas you downy dickeye!!
Dickeye(langas)(downy) fuck off
by sum evil cunt September 29, 2006
An amalgamation of dick head and japs eye. This term can be used in jest, to describe the foolhardy ramblings of a useless git.
Lewis you dickeye. Lewis tanned the mushrooms, the dickeye.
by Lee2001 March 10, 2008
Term used to describe the eye of someone who has been prodded in the eye with a penis.
"Oh, Fahz has got another pair of dickeyes from his dad again"
by Rayman July 05, 2004
someone who likes to get the shot in the eye
Morgan was giving head to a guy, and got a case of the dick eye
by katie lana morgan November 14, 2003
What it is called when you get smoke in your eye. It is rather irritating and causes your eye to tear up and impair your eyesight for a mere couple seconds.
Rich: Yeah, I rolled a joint about as thick as my finger and when I smoked it, I got dickeye like 10 times.
by Frows December 11, 2004

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