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when you fuck a chick and she cums so much she her legs are weak and she cant think straight
I fucked her so hard she got dick drunk and she fell onto the couch trying to walk to the bathroom.
by WOG Slacker September 16, 2009
To be clumsy, out of sorts, and imbalanced because of hetrosexual pentrational activity.
She said, "Babe, Why am I so clumsy, I keep dropping things and losing my balance."

He said, "Because you are DickDrunk from too much sex!"
by SaalNAngelia July 07, 2013
Dicking a female down till she just black out,fall alseep,or can't move no more while you still fucking them.
That bitch Keisha...Dude I got her so dick drunk last night she wants me to come back tonight again...
by Da_5th December 06, 2007
A woman's otherwise inexplicable attraction to a total douche bag.
Guy 1: (recognizing an incoming call on his buddy's phone) "Bro, the hot chick is still calling you?"

Douche bag: "Yep. I was ALL up in that. Now she's acting all 'dick drunk' and shit..."
by TheNegativeHustler August 02, 2010
When you suck on dicks to the point where you become intoxicated from the cum.
dick puffer
Yo baby's momma sucks on so much dick she gets dick drunk.
by Big V December 08, 2004