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A penile cleansing rag.
Man: Hey Paw. Paw: What is it? Man: I have a problem, its my penis and it stinks. Paw:Let me get a whiff. You Need a dick douche.
by Desecratesoul January 14, 2009
1. A cleansing wipe for a penis.
2. A female equivalent of a Douche bag, that is usually PMS'ing and in a real bitchy state.
a. Eric: Damn! your mom threw my gameboy out the window because she said it was too loud!
John: Yeah... Shes being a real dick douche today...

b. Girl: Why does your junk smell like febreze?
Boy: I just used a dick douche!
by Wattx November 23, 2008
Someone who cleans dude's dicks....... with their face. Another way to say "cock sucker".
"Don't be such a dick douche." "That guy Brian is such a dickdouche!"
by "Biff Rinaldi" March 28, 2009
A conceited asshole.
My dick-douche baby daddy couldn't buy diapers but he could bail his homie out of jail with $2000.
by 20blitz00 May 20, 2016
Will, the supreme shithead commander of UNH.
Dude, Will, you're such a Dick-Douche
by UNHDrummer October 24, 2008
A man who has intense intimacy issues and doesn't know how to come out of the closet.

He moves to the couch to sleep after sex because he is afraid of beautiful women.
Wow, Tyler is such a dickdouche. He wouldn't even sleep over with that beautiful, smart, funny, amazing girl he was dating. Maybe he's gay?
by Walkingonsunshine August 01, 2011
dickdouche is combination of being a dick and douche at the same time.

also, deejay is short for dickdouche,
-Someone who cleans dude's dicks....... with their face. Another way to say "cock sucker".
HEY!, dont be such a dickdouche man!!
or you can just say.
dont be such a DEEJAY!!
that's soooo deejay.
by I AM DA BOSS. January 31, 2011
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