Jello like build up found in urinal pipes that smells horrendous. May also take the form of slime and cottage cheese. Caused by thick yellow piss due to lack of hydration.
I'm not gonna drink any water so i can dick cheese up my urinal pipes!
by Mr. Dick Cheese July 05, 2009
one very rad satanic dude
andy dick cheese works do much.
by lil nick May 02, 2007
see also "urungus"
i'm growing a urungus culture for science class.
by the dastardly one December 30, 2003
when fat dick gets old because its been used for like 4 fuckin years, but you can't just stop ripping you gotta think of something jokeser

so if you have a chate nickname thats slowly getting old and less funny.....don't get your hopes up...theres a dick cheese headin' your way
shutup dick cheese
by mike holt June 10, 2008
cheese wiz put on penis after porno party and not washed off. If used as a prank, put on peice of toast and give to friend and say its cheese toast OR semen left on penis after masturbating or sex and not washed off
Hey dude, i have some toast for you, it's cheese toast....mmmmmm! OR ewwww honey, wash that dick cheese off!!
by galen p December 06, 2007
Otherwise known as sperm, skeet, jizz, and/or spooge.
I shot my dick cheese all over Kyle's mom.
by Shmell from Htown November 23, 2007
pretty much self explanitory, what happens when you dont wash after sports,sexual activity, or laziness. Creates fungus in forkskin of youre dick (only uincircumsized) hurts like a motherfucker trust me on this...

()()=========|)------ <- then it starts pussing out liquid like an std
Man my dick hurts so much, it smells, its rusty and slimey and its cheesy, so thereffore i have dick cheese
by Gabe The NEwfy April 19, 2006
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