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Dick Broom is when a man participating in a game of ookie cookie finishes last but he also has a thick, bushy mustache that dusts over the top of the cookie. Much like a cookie duster. Collecting the semen in the mustache.
Dave's mustache totally turned into a dick broom last night.
by red like roses May 25, 2015
A mustache.
The faggot swept off the cock he sucked with his dick broom.
by justin January 19, 2003
The moustache of a gay man performing oral sex on another gay man.
"I'd like to use his moustache as a dickbroom to sweep me clean."
by Ida Ho December 14, 2004
Any mustache that extends over the top lip.
Tito - Dude your dad has a sweet dickbroom.
You - Fuck off!
by Tito- July 30, 2006
Another term for a mustache.
We all made fun of Johns new mustache by calling it a dick broom.
by ThatguyfromJapan August 22, 2010
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