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the act of drawing a round fat penis on people's belongings
Hsit dude he drew a dick bomb on my binder
by Hooty McBoobidy March 13, 2005
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To crash a party with a sausage entourage.
Dude, the party was bumpin' until someone dropped a dickbomb. It totally fucked up the male-to-female ratio.
by incudal August 03, 2010
A term that refers to someone who has really effed with your chi. Most commonly used when you can't think of anything more insulting to say.
(guy cuts liz off in traffic)
liz: errr...ummmm...DICKBOMB!
abby: yeah--you're gonna explode your dick!
by Lizzie DoubleU February 04, 2009
(also: dickbomb)
A shot of Jameson whiskey chased with a shot of Jagermeister. Beer chaser optional.

Named after the argumentative and hostile attitude displayed by the drinker shortly after.

Distant cousin of the "jagerbomb"
"Dude I'm so fucked after pounding two dick bombs, thats like..... 6 shots."
by MotherFixer October 29, 2009
The point in the night when all the girls in the group scatter to chase down hot ass to take home. Typical approaches include: (i) frantic cell phone booty calls; (ii) targeted dance floor efforts; and (iii) when in doubt, shots at the bar. Depending on the collective mood, the dick bomb can ignite at any point in the night. The collateral damage almost always entails the walk of shame and a severe hangover. Dick bomb explosions frequently occur in New York City, particularly the East Village and Lower East Side.
Kenji: What the hell happened last night?? I was distracted for a bit and suddenly all you girls disappeared.
Jenny: Sorry dude--the dick bomb exploded! Welcome to the city.

Des: Wow, the dick bomb went off really early yesterday!
Sarah: Tell me about it--I'm missing my panties.
by Jenny Hoo-ah! March 31, 2008
the act of photo bombing with a fully erect penis!
guy1: dude did you see my picture on facebook last week
guy2: ya man!! Darren totally Dick Bombed it
by themaindog May 15, 2014
An onslaught of slang words for "penis" unleashed via text message by a group of bros to another bro who bailed on or could not make a party, night of drinking, or other bro event. Generally a total of approximately 35-50 text messages, each containing a different variation of "penis", will be sent to the non-present bro's phone.
"Dude, where's Josh?"

"He bailed. He's watching Love Actually with Jen tonight."

"We need to dickbomb him."
by TheBiscuits January 01, 2012

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