The maneuver in which a male or a hermaphrodite bends its penis to temporarily relieve pain associated with an otherwise unattended erection, much akin to the feeling of pushing on a bruise.

A generic term for dances done with a friend you want to have sex with but who does not want to have sex with you in which the dancers do not come into purposeful physical contact.
Carlos had nothing else he could do, watching his professor pick up her dropped marker in that short skirt, but a thirty degree dickbender.

At the halloween party Mark danced the standard american dickbender set with his best friend, Tiffany, including the seventies point, the face-in-a-box, and caught-on-the-fishing-line.
by 1fooln6billion October 28, 2010
Top Definition
A woman who sprains dicks
"Man, Maria, you hoochy mamma!!'re such a dick bender. You sprained my dick for the 5th time this week. You keep this up, and I'll be able to pee around corners."
by soar in AZ March 29, 2007
16 oz. budweiser's, generally found in six pacs, but often found for single sales.
I just drank 6 dick benders and now my dick dont work right, looks like i need to have that bitch stick her finger up my butt to see if that work.
by saw-zaw December 27, 2007
noun- a gay male who is so eager to have sex with another man, he plunges his dick full force into his gay partner that his penis bends out of shape.
Straight Guy 1-"Those guys are dick benders."
Straight Guy 2- "They're gay arent they?"
Straight Guy 1- "exactly"
by Smacked December 02, 2009
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