Disturbingly Insensitive Cocky Kid
Usually a person is extremely cocky and does not care about anyone else of their feeling. Have the don't give a f*ck attitude. It's best to avoid these types of people.
Damn! That man just slapped that mother! What a dick!!
by Prodako Tek June 17, 2013
A women's reason to live
she likes dick
by magicalfairy June 21, 2009
A mans penis.
Shove in a vagina.
You pee out of it.
John is a dick.
Go suck a dick.
My dick wants to be inside of you!
by mitchskatesss13 April 01, 2008
It can be used as a greeting or a response. It can even be used to make fun of people. But it is important to use it loud, often and for no apparent reason.
Example 1:

Danny: Hey do you have any spare change that I can borrow?

Example 2:

Philip: Hey man, haven't seen you in ages, how have you been?

Example 3:
Dustin: I took a shit on my wallet in the toilet today, I'm so angry!
by DAVID DUONG May 18, 2011
1.) Penis

2.) A sporty English man
1.) His dick is tiny!

2.) Dick is such a fine old chap. He plays cricket magnificently!
by The Baconator October 11, 2008
Someone who is tired of looking up their name and finding pictures of penises.
Dick looked up his name the other day in front of his parents, and a gay porn website came up and gave a virus to his computer.
by apocalyptic_c March 03, 2013
its long and stiff its has 2 balls at the start and can be upto 45 inches long also lawrence burk and andy butterfield
honey im home\

girls runs and starts sucking his dick
by john smith 121212121212 October 18, 2011

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