the short name for Richard
Spinner - "Hey, did you hear about Richard's short name?"
Jimmy - "Yeah...dick. That is hilarious!!"
by Rhonda D Fillmore April 06, 2008
Your own personal squirt gun. (If your a male or a really fucked up lady)
I squirted John in the eye with my dick, and he screamed and jumped off a roof.
by =P =D =) May 24, 2005
The slang word for penis, used to spert out cum.
I fucked the chick and banged her in her ass with my Dick
by Mariokev June 19, 2009
Dick is slang for male genital most commonly know as penis and cock.Also could me meant to refer to an asshole prick.
1.Girl he really put that dick on me last night!

2.Stop acting like a dick!

3.I just talked to dick and his dick was pretty big too.
by ebonygoddess August 30, 2009
a guy who is a cocky jerk, and thinks that all women love him, but in reality they think he is annoying.
Nathan: "Ohhh I am so good at ping pong, and no one can beat me because I'm the best and I can get any girl I want because everyone else sucks."

Melissa: "Nathan shut up, you're a dick and no one likes you and you're ugly!"
by Mel326 June 16, 2008
1. a measurement of speed, varying from slow to fast depending on the context of its use.
2. a derogatory term for someone who is not of your liking, someone who thinks of themselves as better than everyone else, and/or suffers from Illusory superiority.
3. as a given name, Dick is a diminutive form of Richard
4. a biological feature of male animals including both vertebrates and invertebrates.

5. a reproductive, intromittent organ that additionally serves as the urinal duct in placental mammals.
I shoved my dick into Courtney last night.
by TheNotADick January 22, 2011
1. A name
2. A nickname for Richard (no idea how they got that, you?)
3. Slang for Penis.
4. A name you use in the tense of present or past, used commonly as an adjective.
1. My name is Dick
2 My name is Richard, But most people call me Dick.
3. Wow your Dick's a whopper. You should be the King of Burger king!.
4. Your a Dick Richard.
Example of a bad way to use it when you intend a non hurtful way.:
New Kid: My name is Richard.
Kid: Really? Cool.
2 days later
Kid: Hey Dick what's up?
New Kid: Stop calling me that!!!

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