The thing you have sex with.
A boy sticks there dick up a girls vigina to have sex.
by superdickdick August 16, 2006
Dick is a way to describe disgust or excitement about something
D- I have a math test today
A- That's DICK
D- I went to a huge party on the weekend
A- That's DICK
by dannie13 October 16, 2006
acronym: Destroyer of Innocent Celibacy in Kids
The police recently arrested another D.I.C.K.
by Who I am October 07, 2007
the part on a male used to fuck ho's...when stroked or rubbed it becomes hard and if continued it will skeet all in ur moms hot vagina...and it aint the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean...but u cant get to england in a rowboat
dude#1-whoa look at his dick

dude#2-i wonder wat he feeds it

dude#3-i heard he feeds it live rabbits
by onebigcracka April 02, 2006
when someone does something stupid.
dude when you shot urself with that paintball gun, i was laughing but the move on your part was pretty dick.
by l-nice July 02, 2006
To place one's penis on another's face, usually after an evening of drinking
Tom dicked John for the camera after John passed out after only three drinks
by John Swart March 29, 2006
an object which protrudes between the legs of a male and which serves to reproduce ourselves. When you're gay you may also use it to procure a certain feeling which is rather confortable and makes you feel good... syn: nob,etc...
Yo bitch, suck my dick right now, i feel like it...
by Nobsucker March 13, 2005

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