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To place one's penis on another's face, usually after an evening of drinking
Tom dicked John for the camera after John passed out after only three drinks
by John Swart March 29, 2006
16 52
an object which protrudes between the legs of a male and which serves to reproduce ourselves. When you're gay you may also use it to procure a certain feeling which is rather confortable and makes you feel good... syn: nob,etc...
Yo bitch, suck my dick right now, i feel like it...
by Nobsucker March 13, 2005
61 104
a male reproductive organ used to please women or a man. it can b really big (black men usually have those) or small.
damn, NIGGER is that a sanke in your pants?no its my DICK

dammit BILLY BOB, if u dont stop fingerin me already!oh baby im cumming!!! what? u mean that was ur DICK!!!

by nequa September 24, 2005
45 95
most people on earth
i got that from team america good movie
by lyonheart August 10, 2005
71 136
Cannabis, also known as marijuana or marihuana, or ganja (from Hindi/Sanskrit: गांजा gānjā, hemp),] is a psychoactive drug extracted from the plant Cannabis sativa, or more often, Cannabis sativa subsp. indica.
You want to smoke some dick?
by anjobanjo January 29, 2009
5 73
adj. a shortened word for ridiculous offten modified by the word hard
Yo, look at my fronts them bitches dick hard!
by Carvillio December 12, 2005
16 100