Another term for cigarette.
Joe: "Yo, bott, can I get a dick off you?"
Bill: "Take one, I just got a pack."
by Schuylkill County February 21, 2008
Glass piece used to smoke crack cocaine. Crack Pipe. Called this because it is used to "get your rocks off," with rocks of course referring to crack rocks.
::SHATTER:: Damn! I dropped my dick!
by Taft November 05, 2006
A completely self absorbed, immature, and demanding male behaving just like his penis.
He's was acting like a total dick when she told him "No, Thanks"!
by Thaz right November 26, 2005
Something you shouldnt be looking up on this site
I dont understand why someone would subject themselves to being nicknamed Dick..
by Perry C. November 03, 2006
Dick (dik), n. 1. Arch.: a replacement word used when any other swewar word is unwanted. 2. a word that can replace any noun in a sentence and still convey all meaning 3. a word used contextually to communicate a complex or conflated idea when there is no known existing word in the English language.
"What the dick?!"

Instead of saying, "Hey, can you hand me that book?", "Hey, can you hand me that dick?"

"It's a windy dick outside."

"Life is a dick"
by Michael Green Tucker October 19, 2006
what the fuck is your problem sicko you have nothing better to do but look up dick on a website you kno what the fuck a dick is especially if your a guy and if your a woman go ride one cause you need it if your looking it up...p.s its a penis =)
a. im so horny i wanna suck my own dick
b. your a fuckin dick
c. girl you need some dick in your life
by Alee-lee babes July 25, 2009
a greeting as in "yo", or "hello."
todd walks in a room, goes to his friend and says "dicks." his friend then rplys "dicks."
by poopmonster666 April 23, 2008

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